Conference 2011

A conference was held on 12th July 2011 to disseminate interim findings:

Exploring Masters Level Assessment - Professor Sally Brown

The conference was opened with a keynote presentation by Professor Sally Brown. Sally introduced the aims of the project and detailed the work on the project to date. She went on to talk about what assessment at 'M' level is like and what the QAA say masters qualification holders should be able to do. Sally spoke about assessment for learning and the difference between assessing at undergraduate level and masters level, before finished with questions and learning points raised during the project.

Exploring Masters Level Assessment

Masters Level Assessment as Activity - Dr Tim Deignan

Dr Tim Deignan introduced the data analysis work, using Activity Theory and Q-Methodology, which he is undertaking within the project. His work is detailed in the attached handout.

some emerging tool-related tensions in a university activity system

Q-SORT exercise

Delegates were asked to volunteer to take part in a Q-SORT as part of the next stage of the project research.  The Q-SORT had been approved by the university's research ethics committee and participate consent was obtained. A Q-sample of 48 statements had been prepared from the interviews already undertaken, related literature and from information provided by the QAA. Participates were given guidance in how to undertake the Q-SORT exercise. This involved sorting a Q-SAMPLE of statements into 7 piles depending upon the extent to which they agree or disagreed with the view expressed in the statement.  The piles represented a 7 point scale from 'Strongly Agree' to 'Strongly Disagree' and participants where asked to distribute the number of statements in piles 1 to 7 as follows 4,6,9,10,9,6 and 4 (see the grid). Participants conducted the sort as individuals. 

Following the analysis of the date, outcomes from the Q-SORT will inform our publications which will be available on this website.

Enhancing student engagement, induction to graduation Professor Pauline Kneale

Pauline gave an engaging, interactive and thought provoking presentation on Masters Level and discussed how to enhance student engagement from induction to graduation.