Student Briefing Feb 2010

A briefing session was held with students on 10th February 2010 to talk through the process of gaining access to equipment, how to use it and seeking authorisation for travel.
Booking of facilities and equipment
The following facilities have been set up: 
  • use of the Trevor Bayliss Break-out Room (Diary Room) in the Old Broadcasting House building
  • access to a telephone handset with external calling facilities within the UK
  • access to Edirol sound recording devices via the media loans service
All facilities have to be booked in advance of the time of use, in order to ensure availability. If there are any foreseen problems then students are to contact the Project Office in advance of the day that they need the equipment.
Use of equipment
Students were shown how to set up the telephone handset, which is a VOIP phone, and told that all calls are logged and that it should not be used for calls not associated with the project. They were then talked through the setting for the device and given a handout with full details.
Key things to check are:
  •  That the telephone/recorder adapter is set to record
  • The recorder has the correct file format and recording level before beginning the interview
  • The recorder is actually recording and not paused
  • Be prepared and familiarise yourself with the equipment before the interview
Proposal and claim of travel costs
Students were told that if they plan to travel to conduct the interview, rather than to do it over the phone, then they must look into the most costs effective option and submit a proposal, even if they are using their own vehicle. The project will not pay costs which have not been authorised in advanced. A proposal form has been produce for students to use.
If the travel proposal is accepted then students need to pay their travel costs in advance. The costs incurred can be recovered through the university's miscellaneous expenses process. Students must produce receipts for any expenses they are reclaiming.
Students were advised that, for any journey taken to perform an interview, it is their responsibility to ensure that any vehicle they are driving, or travelling in is covered by insurance. They need to check, with the insurer, that the cover includes them using it as part of their studies. This travel is not university business and, as such, the university accepts no responsibility for insurance. Any mileage will be paid at 20p per mile. If student are travelling together in the same vehicle the university will only pay one mileage claim. All proposals need to be submitted to the Project Manager. Room 201, at the Old School Board, Calverley Street, Leeds or emailed to
The latest version of project documents, including the interview questions, can be found in the Latest Documents section.