Tim Deignan

Tim Deignan (Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., B.Ed.) has been contracted to work on the Assimilate project. Tim is an independent consultant, researcher and trainer. He worked as a lecturer and manager in the post-compulsory education and training sector for ten years before going freelance in 2000. Tim acts as a consultant for a range of clients including universities, general and specialist colleges, trusts, and non-governmental organisations. He has worked on a range of projects at local, regional, national, and international level. His work typically involves modeling different values and perspectives on complex issues in order to improve system performance. His interests include sociocultural theory, learning support and policy development. For the Assimilate project, Tim is using an innovative blend of Q methodology and Activity Theory ('QAT') to model subjectivity and activity in relation to Masters level assessment methods. Tim first developed the QAT blend as part of the research design for his PhD thesis (2006). 

Below are some examples of his previous work using the same approach.

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University of Manchester (September 2005), ‘Transferable People: reframing the object in UK post-compulsory education and training’, presented at a conference on “Sociocultural Theory in Educational Research and Practice”